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Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's a boy!

For someone a lot more important than I am (And who reads a lot more comics than I) is his 25th birthday! That little guy is Chris Sims!

And here's my present to him!

I hope you like! I spent thiiiiiiiiiiiis much on it!

(On a side-note, I celebrated my 18th birthday on the 9th, but you don't care....)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Doki Doki Temi!

Here's a few concepts of the not every made 1980 game sensation based on my pure fame that spread to the land of Japan.

Here's the initial sprite-sheet for the characters:

Player one controls Timmy, a young lad much like myself, player 2 plays his friend Joshua, a young lad much like Joshua's self.

Timmy's weapon arsenal includes a Clam that can be used to slam on your enemies to stun them, a squid used to smack villains ahead of you, and a Guitar to shoot beams of rock at your foes. Joshua get's an Axe to slam, a Lightsaber to smack, and a Boomerang to throw.

Bonus one time use items include the Kite, which grants you some flight, the Ring, which turns you invisible, and the Bubble-Gun that will trap enemies into a bubble.

Below are the stages, which include:

Level 1: Jungleland
Level 2: Industrialland
Level 3: Lavaland
Level 4: Toyland
Level 5: Jazzland
Level 6: Pirateland
Level 7: Highwayland
Level 8: Snowland
Level 9: Mountainland
Level 10: Cloudland
Level11: Castleland

Jungleland is the first zone you'll go to, filled with beaches, trees, and a jungle. The enemies you'll come across are:

The Kappas

The Batsomeguy

The Pigmenn

The Natives

The Supaida (Spiders)

The Don-Snakes

The Miniboss is the Lumberjacker, and the final boss is Gorilla-commander.

The rest of the levels I'd post if I'd ever finish them.

To save your game, just find the Jigen-Cactus:

It's a game that'd leave you on the end of your seat, I don't know why... It's poorly made...

Have a good night.

Monday, July 16, 2007

What's Manly?

Agent of H.U.R.T.

Job Requirements:

Fighting Nazi Gorilla's with Flamethrowers on Hoverboards
Fighting T-Rexs with Gattling Gun and Chainsaw Arms
Fighting Zippo, the Karate Bear, Master of Judo
And of course,
Fighting Sgt. Blitzkreig and his Axis Four

Sounds like a regular half hour for Colonel Masculine!

Whether it's stopping Doctor O using his latest World Domination scheme, or fighting Vampire Squid aboard the S.S. U.S. of A. Or even stopping Communist plots to mind-control Yetis to blow up the Glaciers to scare the world of Global Warming to drown the world!

Who knows what happens next?

Y'never know!! Maybe Yokiyuji, his H.U.R.T. intern partner who's looking for his parents killers, might find the Rising Sun and bring him to justice... With a bomb. Or maybe Colonel Masculine's best friend and partner Barbara "Barby" Barnes and him will have to deactivate a plane placed with bombs over the Atlantic... With an attack by the mighty hydra from the depths of the sea?! Or perhaps he'll go an adventure with Chief of H.U.R.T. General Hurtz! A rugged Civil War hero who replaced all his organs with steam powered versions so that he may protect the world from evil forever! And maybe the Professor will have a mission for Colonel Masculine to shrink to the size of an atom to fight off the new Soviet Mini-Marine's to plant a microscopic H-Bomb!!

This shit's nuts!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just saw the new Potter

Oh fuckin' Neville.

Dobby's never gonna get a scene now!

"Kreacher will not insult Harry Potter in front of Neville, no he won't, or Neville will shut Kreacher's mouth for him!" cried Neville in a high-pitched voice.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I give to you...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Timothy and Comics


Hello. As I sit here, compelled to type more to tell you of something I have no idea what I'm talking about. I come to myself saying...

Anyways, this Sunday will be marking the 100th page of Klahad. No guest comics, no pin-ups, just full on comic. Which I'm very proud of, Joshua and I have only been working on Klahad for 4-5 months. And we have accomplished a lot. Also on top of all that, I am looking forward to my break for a week. My hand is near damn crippled. "But Tim, you draw the comic almost every week, why now?" Well Mr. Doesn't really ask that question and this is only a segway into this... It's because I'm taking Summer School so my sorry ass can pass Highschool, I'm not a senior, I'm not in college, I'm in loser-ass purgatory. That's fucked up. On top of that, I'm making up a class I failed a couple years ago.... Art. Yeah, think that one through.

I have been drawing 42 hours straight, my hand is clicking, even if I don't move it.

But y'know what doesn't hurt the hand? Readin' some comixs. And World War Hulk does not dissapoint, pick it up. I wanna do a review, mainly because I wish I was Chris Sims, but other than that just because I feel compelled to talk about the comic books I have come to embrace.

On top of that, I did a picture.

Yes, it's the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer.

Yes, I want to see the movie.

Yes, I know they critics says it sucks.

Yes, you can suck my nuts.

Also, the Sub-Mariner's new comic, sends a shock down my spine that hits some organ that we don't know it's use... I know it's use... It's to predict pure awesome, and make you splooge with awesome juice. It's not as gross as it sounds.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Doki Doki!

Hey there folks.

I never talk anymore, do I? Hmm? Sho'.

Well, there's quite a few new Trials up. I've usually drawn them on paper, then scan 'em... And then ink 'em. Well... That takes forever. So about... I dunno... Issue 8, I've been doin' 'em all digitally. They get done faster, but I usually have to go back and edit a few times. Nothin' can be perfect.

Anyways, my high school career is coming to a close, and grats to me for not graduating until the Summer... And by grats... I mean I'm a moron. But I've put enough mental blocks in there so when I'm thirty someone can tear them down and make me less of a man than I am now.

But onto more Nerdy news. I've been gettin' steady into the world of comic books. And I'm lookin' forward to what we got goin' on soon. I mean, a new Nova series, the Illuminati? And there's an all new Avengers team... Fuckin' Luke Cage AND Spider-Man?! Bucky, Nick Fury, Sharon, and fuckin' Falcon plannin' on killin' Tony Stark?! A new Sub-Mariner comes out in two weeks, and you know I love me some Namor. And then after that... Fuckin' THOR! Hells yes. Can life get better? I think not. Oh, but I do... WORLD WAR HULK!

Another thing... I think I might be needing a new Intous pen... Mine's eraser is like.... Dying. And I hate that.

Gettin' back into WoW soon as well. Probably... Well by now, later today. Gonna get me some Foulbrow on, yo. Oh, check out the Smash Bros Dojo site some time. It's got like... A bunch of stuff... On Brawl.

Also, after I'm done, I'm gonna post a few Doki Doki Temi things... You don't know? Well you should. And soon enough.

Friday, May 11, 2007

New Look

Decided to start a fresh look, the whole black thing was kinda... Boring. I'm gonna add more pictures of me. Since I like me. I'm sexy. Real-Sexy.

I wonder if I can add a Twitter, and a Shout-Box, and maybe one of those Flickr's where I can talk, have others talk, and have pictures all about me. Constantly.

Also, since I never shown these to many, I have a good pal Severin. He's like... The Zen of Rage. Anyways, this silly motherfucker is also the afro'd guy in the Trials comic. But why I bring him up, well I have a couple of pictures of the same picture of him which was dumb on it's own, but photoshop and not enough sleep bring you thus:

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


What's up everyone?!

Don't bother.

Anyways, as I've posted on the Trials page (First ever update by me) Joshua's computer is down, and thus the coloring and editing is taking a beaten. But he'll have it done by Sunday, and we'll get you some serious wreckin' through the issues after that.

In the mean time I've started visitin' my local comic book shop to pick up comics from my renewed interest. I'd always stop by once in a while, but I've never been a regular. But good ol' Bonanza bookstore is gonna be gettin' an extra 3 bucks.

As I mentioned before about Namor and how bad ass he is, well, he still is. I've got a whole load of comics, and man, fuckin'-a. Namor can crush a fuckin' face. Hell, even the old as comics were brutal ass shit.

Check some of this shit out.

Or how about when he does this?

Or... This?!

Well... I'm no where NEAR Jae Lee... However, some day I could be. But I work with what I got. And I think it's bad-ass. And it is bad-ass.

First a rough draft?

Black and White?

And finish!

It's the Sub-Mariner versus the original Human Torch. The android dude. His arch-rival and ally. I love those guys.

Maybe one day I'll draw a picture of Tiger Shark eating a sammich.

Anyways, check out my Deviant to comment on this shit.

Oh and...

Monday, April 30, 2007

It's Ultimate!

Hey there, jackasses.

I know I havn't posted in a while, but it's not like it matters since no one reads this shit, but I'm compelled to talk.

First off, we've got a new Trials up. It's a "special" which is really just an excuse. It has nothing to actually do with the canon, but Joshua made it work, and placed it after issue 1. Hence 1.5. It was originally the pilot for the comic, so to speak. Not the first Klahad comic, but for the "New Adventures" it is. It has about 4 pages of added material as well, since the original were all same sized panels on three pages. The purpose of making this pilot was to get a site before I got my Intous3 tablet, so it was done in traditional ink pen, like our original Klahad comics that only 1 and a half issues were made (Horribly, but it WAS 52 pages...) And if you think you're missing out on the original, you're not... It's essentially the Kai arc, only shitty drawings, some of the original jokes and some poor jokes, and crummy editing. Also a lot of fucked up hands.

On the on-to-ons of my day, I've been passing most of my time reading comic books. Y'know, the good ol' Marvel stuff. It's been a long time, as I was a childhood fan, collecting comic books and collectable cards of my favorite heroes... So I got to reading the Ultimate series. Holy shit! That is some good-ass shit. Ultimate Spider-Man, best told version in my opinion, I love the Fantastic Four, and even X-Men's Cyclops is alright! Just alright though. I've also read some of the Civil War story arc, pretty cool shit... But readin' it all just made me want some serious Namor the Sub-mariner action. He's such a bad-ass. He's like a super-human ass-kicking king. Him and John Jameson, the Man-Wolf, should hang out and kick the crap outta people with Nick Mother-Fuckin' Fury. I mean, that's a serious ass team, they can face like... The Yellow Claw and the Red Skull and shit... It'd be fuckin' awesome.

Speaking of comic books... Fuckin' one week until, yes that's right, fuckin' Spider-Man 3. Oh fuck yeah... Sand-Man, New Goblin, and fuckin' Venom?! You couldn't pray for a better movie... I only hope Rhino or the Shocker get their asses kicked.

Picked up some Poke'mon Diamond. Ironically Poke'mon was the same thing that ended up ending our first Klahad attempt, we loved it too much... But anyways, it's graced itself upon us with it's awesomeness. There is tons of shit to do, but it's so slow! Shit takes forever, if I have to sit there and know that there is still fog on the stage... I KNOW THERE IS STILL FUCKING FOG! YOU DON'T NEED THE FUCKING ANIMATION! Bubbleblast shouldn't take a fuckin' hour. Fuck, Repels don't even fuckin' work. Shiiit, man.

Aside from that, played some Zelda: Twilight Princess and beat that, pretty epic shit.

Also, I've updated my DeviantART with some old ass drawings, please, gawk at them.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Todd Goldman.

He's a shithead.

And not just for rippin' off Shmorky. I've never really been a fan of his stuff, or really paid much mind to it, but Goldman is a piece of shit. He always has been. He's ripped off enough stuff that'd you'd think ONE of the things he rips off would actually make this guy amusing! But it's all the same crap. "We should have boys eat snails, then set them on fire." Bam. Just made it in 2 seconds, didn't take effort. Just gotta draw a creepy girl with snails in her hands and that's a t-shirt, backpack, sticker, billboard, poster, bike helmet, tampon design right there. It's some fucked up shit, man.

He get's away with that, get's some serious "Fuck-You" money, and I work my ass off trying to actually make shit look good.

If you're not gonna read the story about this dickhead, well, Shmorky made a one panel comic about some squirrel praying that everyone in the world dies... Amen. Well, Todd comes in, takes the exact same look, design, everything, but changes the thing into a cat. Says the same exact thing, but it's in color. Whatever, people get ripped off for stupid shit all the time... But some dick-hole that this shit was worthy enough to GET IN A GALLERY! What the fuck? I draw a picture of a Turtle with a Wang, and I don't get two shits, this guy steals a crappy comic and is in a gallery? That's what I'm pissed off about. Why not me?! I want "Fuck-You" money! ... And Time-Travel...

Well, stay tuned for a new Trials tonight, I'll probably make a new post tomorrow showin' off some art I've been workin' on... Or not.

Monday, April 2, 2007



Sunday, April 1, 2007


Today was great! I know I know, it's April Fools (Havn't been fooled yet, lol) Anyways, I was playing Vanguard ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT for an hour. And since I make webcomics here's my opinion on it.

Dog-people are cute!

Anyways! I got to sleep for a long-long time! It was so coool! But when I woke up at 1, I was groggy, but now it's been 30 minutes (Lol that was me a loooooong time ago lol) and I feel super-duper! Why do I feel super duper?! WELL?! Here's why!

The new Trials is up! YAY! NOw, I worked extra hard on it! Like EXTRA EXTRA hard, because jets are hard to draw :(!! I expect you all to visit the coolest superest forums on the www and give criticism because I know all artists need critcism to be better! AND I RESPECT THAT!

And I know you all want a picture!

Here's a picture of Hitler! Because this is what happens if he had LOVE and RESPECT in his life so he wouldn't kill 300000000000 million people. :Heart:

Alright folks! You have a great day to day! And watch out and try not to be fooled!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wavy Start to Finish

I forgot to mention last week that we updated Trials with number 005, which is the end of the Kai Arc. (We might do a finish up of such, but time restrains us). And I'm just moments of workin' on the next installment of Trials.

We also have a new Forums set up for you guys, one would say it's a SUPER forum, you should sign up. It's dedicated to our projects, most of you who read this now are just a couple friends of mine and hardly anyone who matters, so it's a good place to go amongst yourselves. Also, you can check out the comic The Nineteenth-Century Industrialist, whom is done by Renee Katz, a somewhat partner of us as we promote each other and share forums.

However, I also mentioned a little while ago that we would be doing a second project. Well, that's true and not at the same time. Y'see, the project we had planned was Vagrants in Space. About a band (Again), a real-life band though, in a zany sit-com-esque strip. But we came into some problems...

It wasn't fun to do, first off. Klahad we both are into it, it takes the right kinda time and fills up our day with some fulfilling work.

Also Vagrants took way too long for such a short piece of what would be work. It would take us a lot longer than an average Klahad page, and would look half-as-good.

It just didn't hold water. It wasn't as funny as it should be, and it didn't visualy capture the jokes and how they are delivered. Voices have always been a thing we use, but these jokes highly suffered because of it.

And lastly, we aren't trying to be succesful comic-strip artists. We prefer comic books and graphic novels. So naturally, we aren't pros at it. So, after we did four strips of Vagrants, we made the decision that we would abandon the project as it would get us nowhere and distract us from other projects. So, we will still have the same schedule for Klahad, but use our off-week for other, short projects to hone our skills and to tell some short good stories.

Joshua is currently trying to get a website for a comic he has put on his Myspace, it's good... Not great... Not really bad either. One would say it's just sub-par.

And since I love you all so... Here's a picture of some Klahad.

So, go check out some Klahad. Sign up to the Forums.

Also, I know I'm late to the finish line, but 300... Good-ass-movie. That is all.

Friday, March 16, 2007


I like this picture.

... That's all.

Go read Trials.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Trials Number 004 Online

The new comic is out, check it out!

We've got a new schedule out for Trials, we'll be updating 6-7 pages of comic on the first three Sundays. So that means, Week 1-3 of the month you get some Trials. Now, this doesn't mean that week 4 goes without anything. We'll be taking it easier, but we won't relieve ourself of work. We'll be working on our new comic strip, "Vagrants in Space", now we'll tell you all about that when we get all the working into it. But I assure you it's good. Why you say? Well... It's got this guy:

I love him, and you'll soon love him too.

As you may see from Trials, we're rearing to the end of the Kai Arc, and we'll soon see some hot action in the future. Want a hint... I'll throw in a small one for you: Muscles. You'll know what I'm talking about.

Another thing I did recently was created a small one-shot strip for me sister for this WoW contest that's been going around lately. Undoubtedly I'll win... Three times. Because I rule ass. I'd post it, but I don't wanna ruin it for me. So you're gonna have to wait and see.

And another thing, I'll be posting more crap into my DeviantArt. And what I mean by crap, I mean all my crap. This here is me work journal where I post shiny pictures so that I don't bore you all to death. But there, I can slap any stupid drawing of a Turtle with a large penis for everyone to see. Just don't show any weakness around that Cosmo111687 dude, he's a sensitive fella, but he's a good guy... I think?

What else, what else? Hmm... Dr. Man-Mantis... I should draw him more, he's that guy in Trials... See if you can point him out! I know, it's just like Waldo, only with a huge fucking Mantis.

Well, I think that's all for now. I can't seem to think of anything more interesting to talk about to you nobodies. Screw off.

Monday, March 5, 2007

New Comic up for Trials

There's a new issue of Trials up, and we're gonna be trying to see how well we can do if we can get a one comic a week worked out. We might be able to pull it off... But that's neither here nor there.


Here's some.

Lil' C'thulu, of course, he's a master of evil, but he's adorable at it.

And the muscle man, he's pure man.

And ROAGE, the angriest band ever, so angry, it rips up the universe and gives IT a scar. Inovaters of Demon-Rock, homage to the LONGEST bridges of Metal EVER. A product of giving Severin a pen. Don't do that.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Here's a drawing:

Go read about it at the Official Logs of Joshua 'P'.

Oh, and here's Mad-Eye Moody. It's a quicky doodle, just like above.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Isn't she cute?!

Rollin' on over to chapter two, and I've finished the works. Well, the line-art. So, on to the coloring, but I thought I'd share some other stuff.

First is a panel from the comic, it's of Rebecca, the most adorable idiot ever! I was really proud with this one because I suffer from the ability to seriously doubt myself, but then I forget, I'm friggen' the BEST. So, of course, I present the best.

Isn't she so cute?

And here's a doodle I did while watching House M.D. today... You can guess... It's... House.

And last, is my retired World of Warcraft character (After I quit), and is now gonna be used as the concept for future use.

Well, that's all to share.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

And then it began!

Thanks to Newbsoft comic network for hosting the Malandro Studio's presents "The Trials of Klahad of the Abyss". We finally are in business! So check it out, give it to friends, you know I would.

In fact, I don't know if you ARE my friends... You should be telling ME that MY website is on the web now... But you didn't... You guys are ass holes.


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